You Can Run...


People say to never lose faith, but it lost meI look for a brighter tomorrow, yet there's nothing to seeCan't live with happiness, when there is no peaceSo what are my options, if this doesn't cease?By merely existing, I'm burdensome to othersSurely, hope you know I'd take it on, myself, if I had my druthersMuch of this was blown way out of proportionMy good intentions fell victim to torsionJust as I'm a victim of this game of tormentEven as I try to retake my life, they won't relentNot only I have been to Hell and backBut, also my once strong army, is beginning to lackFor who would want to put their life at stakeI'm a poor example, for I'm about to breakRun as I may, I can never hideBecause even while absent, this doesn't subsideSo to what extent must this turn toTheir pure hatred just manages to further imbueSure, ignore them: See, Hear, and Speak no evilBut will it take a knife in my back, or some other upheavalTo prove to you that I'm not foolin' around?Live everyday prayin' that someone won't end up 6 feet undergroundBut who knows, 'cause this is the vital game of lifeAnd the struggle for us all has been quite rife'Cause as we journey through adolescence, we all have reps to upholdAnd allow society to leave us controlledSo as Mom battles her disease, with all this added stressAnd as more people begin to aggressWhile  tension builds up, and depression strikesAnd as people begin to question our PsychWhen the empty threats are filledAnd as a result of this madness, someone is killedThen will someone open their eyes and see my point-That there was a crucial, deeper concern to all this disjoint?Or should we stay silent and not see reality?I'll just keep my eyes closed as my world crumbles around meFor there's ignorance in ignoringAs if these words, from the core of me, are not outpouringWhile I sleep restlessly, and cry away the tears I ran out ofAnd with all this hate, I try to relearn the meaning of loveThough we  all live in a world of imperfection,When other make mistakes, they're enabled allowable insurrectionFor even the judicial system is corruptBecause the world maintains a cruel equilibrium that we must not disruptWhere things from bullying to war is one in the sameIn the fact that they're legal means to defameAnd that society keeps the awful results prevelent, yet subduedSo we live with this potential threat that we all secludeWill rationality ever reignite?For I'm at the end of this tunnel, and I don't see the light For more of my poems, visit: for reading! 



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