Power Poetry Scholarships

So poetry scholarships are a thing.

Poetry + Scholarships = Awesome

"Money" and "poetry" are two words we rarely hear together—and that's something we want to change! At Power Poetry, we offer scholarships all year for high school and college students living in the United States. From #YOLO to ***Flawless, our scholarships are a space for you to express yourself and talk about what matters. And to win some cash while you do it!

Below you'll find scholarships that are currently open for submissions. Not sure what to write about? Don't worry - we can help! This blog post describes how we pick our scholarship winners, and you can also check out some of our winning poems (warning: they're awesome). Power Poetry's  Tip Guides can help you learn more about different poetic forms and styles. Words have power, so our Action Guides are meant to inspire and empower you to use poetry as a way to change your life—and the world!

If you have questions, our scholarship FAQ and contest rules should have the answers. If they don't, feel free to contact us.

Current Poetry Scholarships

desire to inspire Scholarship Slam:   Write a poem about what inspires you for your chance to win $1k for school!