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Mountains (Why I write)

 Life’s challenges

Deadlines atop of commitments

Mountains of responsibility pile up

I strap on my backpack; lace up hiking boots

And I climb


As a band leader, they depend on me

I won’t let them down

The mountain gets higher

Muscles strain, determination strong

So I climb


Homework stacks up, impossible assignments

Teachers demanding

The mountain gets steeper

Sweat drenched shirt; I need a break; not yet

I must climb


Long school day, off to work

Truck day; countless cases of water

The mountain air gets thinner; feeling dizzy

Muscles weak, thirsty, time for a break

I can’t climb


Responsibilities overwhelm

Mental paralysis kicks in

The mountain; much higher than imaginable

Cool boulder to rest on, water to quench, ipad in hand

And I write


I write of struggles, frustration, hopes, dreams

Time escapes me, tension fades

This mountain is not so high!

Words spill from fingertips, feverish pace

And I climb


Great day at school, aced tests, homework complete

Work breezed by, clarinet section performs

Accomplishment, success, triumph

The mountaintop destination effortless

I am on top of the mountain!


(This is why I write)