Mind Attack

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 14:05 -- Zippers

Beginning. Why do I not want to do anything?I don't know what to do. Look around. Fake the talks.Why can't I stop this feeling of pressure of something coming?It's coming. It's ok it's ok it's okBreathe breathe breatheYou have to hurry you have to get out!You have to be outside this situation now!But it's coming and it's going to get you!You can't wait get out now! Heart beating. Smiling people.The room is closing in on you. Act normal. Act happy.Get out get out get outIf they know what you are thinking they will...no. Act normal.Tripped in this nightmare can't get out.Just tell someone what is happening! Middle. Pit in stomach. Haze in brain.Tell yourself it's all ok. You're ok. Nothing it wrong.Breathe breathe breatheRunning without moving your feet.They can't know. It's going to make them worry. It will darken their day. Trapped. No where to go.Go to the bathroom.breathe breathe breathe.You are insane. No one acts this way.A marionette doll with a painted smile.Curled hair. Peach dress. This is normal.No no no  Try to breathe until they come.Closing in. This can't be real.Please make it stop! No escape. Must act a certain way.Can't make a scene. Can't act the way you feel.Can't breathe. Not ok. Not fine. Not alive."Are you ok?" End. "No I'm not.""You're safe." You're losing it."Take a pill." Paint the face."Wipe the tears." I can't wipe them all."Breathe." It's closing in."You're ok." This is not ok."It's over now." It will come back."Lets go back." They will stare. They know. They know. They know. They know. That is poetry.Telling, what you can't say in words but, in writing.To experience. To know.To not be ignorant of others. They know. Breathe. It's ok. You're still sane.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world