Down the hole I go

Swirling back into a rut.

I fight my own mind as I bring the bottle to my lips

As the liquid stings down my throat I collapse.

I’ve let myself go too far.

“You need help Alice?” a white rabbit asks.

Yes I think as my eyes grow heavy.

The rabbit drags me across the lawn of barking roses,

And into the layer of a blue butterfly puffing on a pipe.

Around the table is a jittery man on crack

And a hare shooting up on heroine.

“This is the Kingdom of horrors” the white rabbit proclaims

He throws down a cup of tea and looks around the room.

I can’t stop heaving as the gin catches up to me and when I stop all I can get out is

“Then why are you here?”

The white rabbit smirks and twitches. That smirk is familiar. That smirk.

That smirk is the reason I started drinking.

That smirk and that drive for something sexual when consent isn’t offered.

That sex addict dragged me here. That sex addict who craved it so much,

He turned to rape.

Here in the “Kingdom of Horrors” no one is perfect,

Just recovering.

In this mess ruled by a Red Queen and a White Queen

They keep everyone on opioids so they have something to hold over our heads.

I am here to fix it.

I am here to do what I can’t fathom.

I am here to break everyone from the chains of addiction.


Silver Poet

A retake on the poor blonde in a madman'.s world.

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