American beauty

I pledge allegiance to the flag and all societal standards,

and to a nation for which I stand forever under the man 

I pledge to be judged for how I eat, dress and act because of what is between my legs

 I pledge to work in a job for which I will be payed 77 cents less than the man 

I pledge to marry a man I must please because he is the sun and I am the earth who's life revolves around him

i pledge to bare his children a boy and a girl because this is my sole purpose,while raising the children I must keep the house  clean and serve dinner at a reasonable hour around 5 o'clock 

what I pledge most of all is that I stay pretty because  I am just his object  to be played with 

But I am me and this is not what I pledge, I pledge to love my country for for what  it is just a place  what I do not pledge is to accept my country and all of it's societal restraints 

i pledge allegiance to a nation for which women do not stand under the man  






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