Angel In Disguise

He was an angel in disguise that pretended to love and care for me

When the truth is he doesn't know how to be a loving and caring man for me

Nobody understood the feeling of being brokenhearted he was the man behind the white mask that shields his identity when women try to get close to his heart tapping into his inner thoughts

He was a man that had lips so soft and sweet

I fell for him quickly the personality he pretended to have made it's way to my heart it was gentle, loving, fun but a lil nasty looking into his eyes our connection was undeniable

He was a man in a white mask that shields him from reality that the pain he bestowed upon me was gut- ranching that erasing any trace of him from my memory wasn't working it's unfair that this man get to walk in and out of my life with ease leaving me alone to deal with the lingering feeling of being played

I find it mighty strange that after all that this "angel in disguise" has done too me

Im still in love with him and I don't understand why

He is the man with the white mask that showed no emotion that had everyone fooled because he feels he's made no mistakes after showing him that my love for him was so pure and true receiving a slap to my face

I began to realize that the man in the white mask was a fake knowing that god would never send me a man filled with so much hatred that would make me suffer a dying fate

The man in the white mask runaway with my heart

losing all of my thoughts of humanity

formed an empty black hole where my heart use to be 

but I still love him till this day


Angel in disguise

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