Awake! Awake!

A poisonous lure tugs at my heart

Which as of now has yet to start

Should I forsake my righteous robe

For filth and rubbish, vile


My eyes, downcast, and dimly focused

Gaze toward those scales, long unnoticed

Which once before had made me blind

A slave of sin and death


And in this sluggish state of slumber

Approaching what will soon encumber

My cruel old master lies in wait

To chain my outstretched wrists


Awake! Awake! My Savior’s light

Shines through the darkness of the night

Aroused, I see in truth what was

The shadows had tricked my eyes


Along with my shackles lies a pile of dung

Mistaken for treasures while temptation had sung

My cruel old master creeps back in his place

Clutching those sinister scales


Why do I do what I don’t want to do

And that which I should I don’t do?

Who will deliver me from this body of death

From the alluring seduction of sleep?


Awake! Awake! My Savior cried

In one swift motion at my side

He took me in His loving arms

And gave me back my robe


Delighted again by His beauty and worth

My heart overflows with rejoicing and mirth

In worship, I raise up my shackle-less hands

To give praise to my Father, my King


Why would I trade in this freedom and love

For a pile of dung, a slave-master thereof?

Awake! Awake! Let the true light shine through

Alas, now I can see


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