Because I am Free

Why do I write?

Well, that is certaintly a question to be asked.

Why do I listen to music?

Why do I choose to yell and curse?

It's because it is liberating.

By writing down the demons that torment you , the pen traps them between the sheets of paper where they can no longer harm you.

When you listen to music the words tap into your heart, freeing them.

When you yell or curse that surge of uncontrollable anger is leaving your body!

It is liberating to write.

Married to doom and mauled by distress, writing frees me from my vows.

I cheat on my emotions with a pen and paper, hoping that they will have the sense not to come back.

I am free when I write.

I am free when I listen to a song and by damn, I am free when I yell and curse.

For only but a moment.


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