Because I LOVED you

My identity abondoned me for the first time

I searched for her but I think she forgot that I am too gloom to play hide-and-go-seek these days

You are the reason I stopped looked for her 

I no longer care to find her 

Because I loved you


She has now been gone for 2 months and 22 days

I pray to God she has not gone too far away

Yet I still have not sent out a search warrant 

I want to tell her that I never wanted to play this game 

The hollowess in my soul has stopped counting a long time ago 

Because I loved you 


I finally found her 

But it was clear we were no longer friends 

She told me I neglected her over a boy and never even said I was sorry 

That is why she left

And the truth is, I'm not 

Because I still love you