Tue, 03/03/2015 - 20:38 -- Jallen

Being human means we all have something to hide.


Behind long strands of brunette hair that cover her face from the surrounding crowd, she is talkative and open. She enjoys sharing her ideas and opinions, and she loves to make new friends.

But behind her dark locks, she can barely start a conversation.


Behind the thick red cutains of a high scool auditorium, she is envious. She watches from the wings, the classmates she sees as competition role models.

She should be able to sing like that.

She should have those connections.

She should be that funny.

She should be that talented.

And she beats herself up for being none of those things.

But when she is called from the curtain, she strides onstage with a smile, pleased with the role she's earned.


Behind a window screen, she is adventurous and daring. She wants to travel. She wants freedom. She wants to take her life in her own hands and mold it the way she wants. She wants to learn and discover and experience and be happy.

But behind that window screen, she sits on her bed in boredom, flicking at her phone.


Behind that smile she is so many things.

She is broken.

She is furious.

She is terrified.

She is oh so tired.

But behind that dazzling smile, no one will ever see that.


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