Behind the Poet

Mon, 12/29/2014 - 15:41 -- Soulae
I could keep cliche’n in my poetry, 
writing what’s expected to be seen on the surface, 
perfect poetic letters with no down to earth message, 
minus purpose, 
words on social media with no focus, but am I soulless, 
putting together clever wording, 
you questioned? 
did they really come from your heart or did you just make them up just to get some likes and say your a poet, 
let me take you under the depth of these covers, you probably wondered what I’m hiding beneath the floetic poet that I say I am or I claim to be, 
yo I know I’m a mystery,
but what if I told you my heart used to be sold to God, 
that I faithfully went to church every Sunday and Thursday bible study, 
that I opened the good book cause my cousin told me, 
got saved, but in my heart I wasn’t ready, 
confused I had headaches of memories from my past tryna haunt me, 
many encounters with God, 
bumped into him so many times, hardheaded never wanted to follow in his footsteps, 
needed his hand, 
always came back pleading to welcome me back in, 
where I am with him is in a different place,
probably not better, 
but he knows my heart, 
it’s pretty hardened, 
a little rebellious, 
isolated from religion, 
I just found another person in myself to be honest, 
I ran away with anger in my pocket, 
angry towards him by confusion, 
I turned my back but for a good reason, 
we got a relationship still, 
not the same but it’s real and that won’t change, 
I can’t complain, 
I know and he knows I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, 
I got a story, 
but it’s not finished yet, 
to be told, 
to be honest I’m still working on a few chapters, 
if you didn’t know I’m not just a poet behind my words creating creative verbs and metaphors, 
I’m a broken soul finding out where the pieces were birthed so I can be reborn whole, 
if you didn’t know…


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

behind the poet lies a magnificant writer who speaks from the heart unequivically

keep writing


*responded to your comment on  my "intelligent rap for your ignorant ears" poem


Appreciate the comment... 

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