Billions in the tunnel


Henderson Library
United States

There are millions and billions trapped in a tunnel

Trapped in society's idea of and stuck in a funnel

of cliche's mediocrity and C'est la vie

We numbed to death and city causaities

Dont shoot 

Down the Dreams carrying us to do great things

Dont Slay

The Lions Roar that casues inner harmony to ring

Dont Bind

Us or them friends or foes

to lies stereotypes or any of those

obnoxious and ignorant supersistions that reign supreme

Blake once warned of such things

being forged by society lowers from being truly divine

Instead of mentally an eagle we conform to the mines

We conform to the tunnel

Tunnel Vision worrying about only I

Tunnel Sight seeing those only who catch my eye

Tunnel Insight inability to help those in need

Tunnel Emotion that leads to seeing innocents bleed

In the tunnel we stay poor mediocre never rich never free

our Van Goughs trapped in buisness man suits

Our Da vincis brainwashed to engineer

Our Wordsworths studying for the LSATs

Our Reinassance never appears

Sucumbing to this tunnel

I refuse to succumb to socity's walls

i'll see the light i'll fly away and have peripheal sight

to lead those out the tunnel for those who are willing to take flight

But some rather stay in the tunnel of ignorance and be lead astray

Longing and waiting for that imaginaitive "one day"

That One day is arrived it started today but will you seize and grow

and digress and decay

and subsribe to brick upon brick

the wall upon wall

the light is the calling, but the light is the fall

because while light at the end of tunnel is relevant it is fair

ironically unless you leave your'll never get there







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