The Book

“Fortune without fame” was always my motto;

But I desire my fortune

In more than a stack of bullion


I want walls lined with boxes,

With cases, with disks,

Stacked to the ceiling

As a symbol of bliss.


But the cases mean nothing;

They’re the cover of this book.

To see what I see

It’s necessary to read.


I am the writer;

Translating this complex code into



And like all great writers,

I read the work of others;

But I wouldn’t so much call it a story,

As a conversation.


Numbers are my alphabet,

And a control pad is yours.

So let’s sit down

And have a conversation.


There are more people to talk to,

Tasks to be done, and an entire new world

To explore.


So open your PC, your xbox, and else;

And let us embark on my journey



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