Born Into A World of Competition

I am a Genuine,

               Masculine, yet feminine,

                      White and Native American


I most certainly "woke up like 'dis.' "

I am bummified.

      A Hard-core gamer.

              Smart, and oh so f u n n y.

I grew up in the most poor  county of North Carolina.

What do I have to show for it?

Oh yeah:

I ranked 10 in my class,

Had a 3.75 GPA UNWEIGHTED, in highschool.

Now, in college, I am:

In my first semester;

FULL load,

FOUR classes

13 hours,

Straight A's,

Already recruited to the honors program

Met and have helped so many people learn more,

while making people laugh and cheering them up from their sucky days.

Yeah, I woke up like 'dis.'




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