Bound without chains


Riverstate, Nigeria

bound without chains

Pain is a drive, it pushed and I took the dive
Now am stuck with tobacco between my lips
And the bottles within my reach
Am bound but without chains
Will this addiction help stop my pains
Will it wipe my tears
Pain comes again
I try to stay back but my legs are fast to act
3 bottles down am on top of the globe
3 hours down am found with a rope
Am tired of a life driven by drugs
It's like a bug eating deep into my soul
It makes me vulnerable even to my foes
I feel death behind the door, it has come so close
Am an empty space invaded by pain
I need a savior but the only one I see is cocaine
Am drowning in the well of fine wine
I try to stretch my hands looking for the savior's vine
I tried more and more until I grabbed the cold hands of beer
Around me all I see is tears and I can no longer bear
Am bound but without chains
Will these bottles help stop my pain

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My community
My country
Our world
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