The Boy Who Lives

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There once was a time when all was dark,

Where all who feared feared his mark.

Those who fought him died,

And those who ran away, cried.

They dare not speak his name,

In hopes to escape his aim.


His name was Lord Voldemort.




He gave the wizarding world a world of fright,

Then disappeared, suddenly, one night.

What could have stopped this power that was so great?

Was it destiny, or was it fate?



Only a power stronger than any magic spell,

To which Voldemort fell.

Or so, the story does tell.





The one thing the Dark Lord was deprived of.

A life without parents, without love.


It was this love that a young couple had,

That destroyed a wizard so bad.

They gave up their lives for their boy,

Whom the Dark Lord hoped to destroy.


That was the night that Harry James Potter became


But he lived a life without fame,

As at Privet Drive he arrived.


Young with scabby knees,

It was his uncle and aunt he hoped to please.

Then came a letter,

Which changed his life for the better.


To a Mr. H. Potter,

The Cupboard Under the Stairs.

From Hogwarts,

The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


After many struggles,

Harry finally escaped the world of the Muggles.

To Hogwarts he went,

To learn magic was his intent.


There he made friends,

Who would be there no matter the end.

He met the twins, a jokester ghost,

The House of Gryffindor was his host.


He had a potions master who hated him,

And teachers who adored him.

There was Ron, whose mother made him sweaters,

And Hermione who knew the better.


Year after year he came back to school,

From a house that was so cruel.

He learned the secrets of his past,

And of a task that no one would ever have asked.


To finish off the Dark Lord,

And to pay attention in class when he was bored.

He found a magical sport, Quidditch,

In which it was his job to catch the snitch.


As he grew older, he had his first crush,

Then a ginger girl that made him blush.

Years passed, and he was ready,

To finally fight a wizard so deadly.


For Lord Voldemort had returned,

And Harry’s scar ever did burn.

Cedric, Sirius and Dumbledore were all lost,

Voldemort had to be stopped no matter the cost.


His love for others gave Harry the courage,

To fight the Dark Lord face to face.

Harry James Potter had become of age,

He welcomed Death with a warm embrace.


But it was not time for him to die,

For he was saved by Draco's mother.

In order to protect her son she did lie,

And Harry was saved by love from another.


After many years the Dark Lord was finally defeated,

Harry’s task completed.


He ceased to be known as the Boy-Who-Lived,

And became a man.


"Happiness can be found, 

Even in the darkest of times, 

If one only remembers to turn on the light."


Harry Potter,

the boy who lives.



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