Breathe. I need you to learn how to breathe. I only wrap my arms around you because I don’t want you to be alone but now you can’t breathe. Breathe. I love you but you hate me but you need to understand me because we are one. Breathe. Not that way but the normal way the way you do when you see your baby smile you’re breathing as though you just saw him take his last breath. Please breathe. You blame me when you don’t but I chant the words in your ear over and over again I am the closest to you and I do not exist without you but You. hate. Me. You say that I suffocate you but I am the one who reminds you to breathe. We exist together so I need you to breathe. I love who you are you hurt because you love but sometimes you hurt too much so I try to be your band aid but you’re not bleeding you’re grieving so I try to be your human and embrace you and then you start breathing but not the normal way like I told you to the way you do when he died because he was too young and he was talented and it was an accident and those children that can no longer be located due to another beings detestable desires and now those parents can no longer be located because their souls are so far from their eyes and now you can no longer be located because you can’t breathe. Remember the countdown that starts with 3 and ends in 1 you started with 3 but you keep starting over and you don’t know if you’re breathing anymore but you are breathing just not the way that I told you to. Breathe. You told her that it is my fault that you can’t breathe. Are you here because you hate me? But I love you and I love the way that you love and it is because of the way you love that we find ourselves in these rooms and she told you that if everyone was like you the world would not be what it is but they are not and it is not and you can’t breathe and she doesn’t help and you say that I do not help but I just want you to breathe. Breathe. We cannot separate because we are one but yet we are talking less and less and I still love you because you have not changed you are beautiful and your heart is beautiful and we are speaking less and less which is ok with me because you smile more and you’re breathing as though the world has ceased it has not but you have turned a deep sadness into a deep determination and we are talking less and less but you do not miss me which gives me contentment because I love you and you no longer hate me and you finally understand me because we are one. You learned how to breathe.


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Our world


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