Close your eyes

Take a deep breath in

And slowly let the air out

Feeling your lungs deflate

As the warm air leaves your lips.


Open your eyes.

Without thinking,

Take that leap of faith

Keeping your mind blank

And do the thing that scares you the most.


Open your mouth,

Letting the words slip through your soft pink lips.

Your sweaty hand gripping the black microphone.

Your feet planted and growing roots into the stage.

Attempt to forget the eyes staring at you,

And just breathe.


Feel the anxiety

Coursing through your body.

Let it fuel you.

The butterflies in your stomach are making

An electrical charge

That sparks through your body.

Your jitters are and cold sweats

Are fueling your words.


You’re done.

You did it.

You faced for fear.

Walk off the stage with steady steps

And remember this moment.

Remember that all you have to do to

Face your fears is




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