Broken One

Falling for me is falling for the broken one,

The one who fell through the cracks, 

and didn't quite snap back.


Understanding me is learning a maze,

memorizing the patterns to get to the end,

yet your confused with every step.


But that doesn't mean it's hard,

doesn't mean you should give up,

and act as if my existence doesn't matter to you.


I may be a lot of work,

but I know how to smile. 

I know how to hold your hand as you lift me from the cracks,

and as I guide you through the aze

with the sound of my anthem.


Though my eyes may say a thousand words,

trust my mouth cannot.

I want to say the words of pain to make them dissapear,

my lips can't see to form the words around my tongue.


I am the broken, different, cracked,

misunderstood, emotion train wreck you think I am.

Yet I smile all the way,

because I know you''ll always stay


While I scream and cry and groan

I make you laugh and smile

I am not the perfect one,

I am yours alone.


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