A Brothers Duty (My Governments Job)

Dreams built on backs of hope

Cascading the minds of youth. 


Openness blocked by boundaries of the mind and soul;

And of the pocket of one newly born. 


A flag hangs with no wind. 

No sun on the horizon. 


She stands. Alone and cold. 

Her identity forgotten. 


Time has been unkind to her children. 

They remember her not. 


No hope at twilights peak. 

Yet, a dream of her remains. 


In the corner of nowhere

Lies one who knows their mother. 


Feet remain planted on the soils of a land. 

The seeds of dreams stay protected. 


The seeds of others lie on dry soil. 

Brother holds the tools. 


Her child seeks help which brother must provide. 

He needs to protect her, this country. 


The millions of dreams for an end to violence. 

The right to plant their seeds. 


Those silent by the guns fire at night. 

Those silent by the fruit that they appropriated. 


Those quite for they fear to voice

For the horror of what it weighs


Those hidden in the depths of the dark-

A voice in the screams. 


America's people forgotten by a number. 

A government staring blankly at a percent. 


A farm stuck in a standstill. No fruit to bear. 

Yet, the tools of change are there. 


Brother must give her children the tools. 

He must help her plant the seeds.


A government must provide its people

A way to pursue the American Dream.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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