Bully Me

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 16:38 -- Articia

Bully me and you'll see exactly how bullies don't last in my world.

Bullies only exsist because of their insecurities.

Bully me and you'll see another side to me, a side that will make you wonder if I'm the one who bullied  you.

So many people get bullied each year, yet we still are so freaking blind.

Blind to the truth which was held captive by words of reassurance.

Bully me and you'll be shot dead in your web of entanglements spewed from that silkin ribbon of thin thread.

I'll make you forget those times when you called me those names, and projected your self hate upon me.

Bully me and I'll be the one to forgive you, but never forget that moment we had with you pointing those angry blood hounds out to get me.

Sent into a world of self-hatred your shame knows no boundaries, for the only way you can cope is through misery.

You've been taught to "be the bigger person", yet you treat everyone so small.

No wonder why you've grown so tall, like that ladder you've managed to climb up, but what goes up always manages to fall.

Bully me and you'll bring the monsters out of me, everything I keep contained from human eyes, for it will bring disgrace upon heavenly tastes. 

I want you to bully me, please I do for all the many ways you swayed shall forever remain pungent, putird with a foul lust as wrongful as your last name.

Bullying causes so much pain, hurt, things running through my mind 24/7 like a rerun of never ending t.v shows.

Bully me.

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