As I see you dissapear it's impossible for me not to think this is goodbye.

I have lost my strength and capability to see you.

This goodbye is fast and saddening. As you dissapear more and more I can't help but    
feel guilt.

Now you are gone. This is all my fault. I promise I'll meet you once more. Until my death our reunion must be on hold.

Even though I can't see you anymore there is still one thing I can see. That butterfly. 

It slowly flys away into the sky. I know it's leaving with you. 

But that is also when I know you'll come back.

When that butterfly appears before me, not during my death, means you're near me. 

That butterfly was the first thing I saw before meeting you. Now me seeing it dissapear means it's destinies was of saying I'll never see you. 

Goodbye, Butterfly


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