The Bystander

I watch the terror build in her eyes

I won’t be able to sleep at night
Interjecting would destroy my identity

Nothing will change my mind


It isn't just me being selfish

It's me saving my chance for freedom

For once I’m not the target of choice

My home life gives me enough of that


This isn’t me making excuses

You’ll interpret my actions as you wish

It really doesn’t matter to me

You’re just as stubborn as I am


You’ve seen the same kids in your life

Shaking, sobbing, crying, begging

But help never came for them

Since help was never called to help


I might be making assumptions

And you all are honorable people

You would beat down the furious hands

Of a bully who gets in your way


Even if I’m entirely wrong about you

You don’t speak for all of your peers

They’re not angels like you are

They need a push in the right direction


I’m pretty sure you’re still in doubt

But that doesn’t change my answer

I will not help that girl in need

I will not be part of that horror


I don’t understand my sympathy

I’m not aware of what it’s like

I mean I guess I’ve felt it before

But that’s completely different


A family problem isn’t the same

I’m not letting them walk all over me

I fight back to show my strength

All this girl has is weakness


Maybe not weakness but something similar

Since she won’t mutter a word

The bully is pretty intimidating though

Maybe I do understand


Maybe she’s fighting a battle like me

And maybe she’s about to lose

Maybe she needs a little help

And maybe I need help too


This poem is about: 
Our world