Calm: a poem on mental stability

Calm. it's what the air does at night in the summer heat. The heat suffocates, yet there is some coolness in the humidity of things. Visually, nothing is seen, but one can feel the cool droplets in the humid air. 
Heat. It's ever present; consuming the toes to the crown of the head. One is flustered, then agitation makes her mark. Fire burns up the skin in a consuming passion.
Madness. It steals the mind away like a devious thief. 
Asunder. The droplets. Will the tongue receive the dew?
Hands. In the wind, trying to touch the base of the lowest heaven.
Calm. It was the seeking point in the cry. 
Calm. A piece of and a peace in the very being of the Almighty.
Calm. The ultimate sense from which all senses as derived from.
Calm. An engulfing spirit which only God can provide. 


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