Can you handle it?


Life is like a roller coaster--
Psh, that's so cliche.
If you really think about it
Life does take you on a wild ride

                        up to your fears;
                  slowly ascending,
            chest tightening,
      sweat dripping,
time stopping,

(I can feel the pain
Words like acid slowly dripping
Anger's fire eating my oxygen
My chest tightens and I can't breathe
Sweat and tears run down my face
I run outside into the night, slamming the door.
Time stops.)

down memory lane; 
  adrenaline pumping,
    heart dropping,
      screaming and crying,
        wishing or regretting
          every second of it,

(I remember the way he leaned in
Smiling and pushing back my hair
His sky blue jewels gazing into mine
Whispering, "beautiful".
He did the same with her.)

           twisting to the great moments;
     taking it all in,
                       it goes by to fast,
                                    gone in a blink of an eye.

(Nothing sounds better
Than the laughter of your friends,
Jokes and petty fights,
Awards and moments of praise
Goes by so fast
So that another moment is made.)

Can you handle it,
This roller coaster?
It's okay; you don't have to
Go on it with me.
Yea, it looks fun
But I've had many people
  Stare because a beautiful appearance was all they wanted
     Leave because I was asking too much of them
         Run because my life was too insane to handle
             Hide because they're too afraid to try
They said I wasn't worth it.

What's the point of asking the question?
No one wants to experience something this 



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