C.A.N.C.E.R (Cause. Action. Nation. Cure. Evolution. Resolvement. )


United States
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C.A.N.C.E.R. 6 letters with 6 words. 6 words with 6 meanings.

C stands for Cause.

The cause to fight this disease.

A stands for Action.

The feeling to stop watching others die from this disease and take action.

N stands for Nation.

We stand as a united Nation to save countless lives against this disease.

C stands for Cure.

This disease might never be cured BUT never say NEVER.

E stands for Evolution.

The more we change over the years,the more we have cures for cancer.

R stands for Resolvement.

Very,very soon,no matter how long or what it takes,we will eventually resolve this problem and cure this disease from us all forever.

CANCER is spelled with 6 letters with 6 words with 6 meanings.
6 meanings with one mural; End Cancer.


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