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I try my best to mold and change myself to fit in with a group,

I put on my best act, and change my views to be acceptable to a crowd,

but it never works out and my cover is always blown,

I study people's opinions and try my best to go along,

but I end up showing the wrong colors and get tossed,

I hide and hide behind the many different me's,

Camoflauge is what I do best but still it doesn't work,

Is there something wrong with me or am I missing the point,

Oh yes maybe I'm on to something here because there is one that I haven't tried yet,

I've been spending all my time hiding within the wrong shades and,

molding myself into false colors, that I haven't realized the problem,

The only camouflage that will ever work is not the camouflage on the outside,

It is the different colors on the inside that are never seen



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