cherish the day


cherish the day

embrace the moment

celebrate the life you live


we are never promise tomorrow

captivate your friends and love ones

with laughter

glorify all the achievements

understand failures

ignite the engine

that inspires me to keep living

it's easy 

for people to mope


cry about things they wish they have

what you need outweights more

than what one wants

divine your spirits

by uplifting your faith

your love, your hope

that things will get better

i'm going through a financial crisis

it's easy for me to give up

and conform to the life of engagement where i was marry to crime

at one time

i'm never a quitter

as long as i don't quit

i'll never lose

exult your faith in god

rejoice harmony in your heart

revel your determination

that nothing or no one take away

your dreams

hold on to it

hold on to it real tight

because the sky's the limit





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