I’m not a famous performer or artist or thief,

I don’t slay dragons on the weekend or play pool in a bounce house,

I can’t fly to the moon and back in one day and still have time to make world peace,

but I can listen to my favorite songs.


I can’t count cards and I can’t un-crack an egg,

I can’t jump so high I touch the clouds and I’m never going to be a circus monkey,

I’m never going to meet a ghost, a vampire, or even the loch ness monster,

but I can enjoy cosmic brownies.


I don’t play the piano or know the secret to forever,

I’m not a magician and I definitely can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat,

I won’t ever be a mermaid and I can’t beat light in a race,

but I can read a good book.


I’m not a famous novelist or a straight A student,

I didn’t define gravity or the meaning of life,

I won’t ever meet Einstein or Lincoln or the guy who made the best thing since sliced bread,

but I am going to college.


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