Colors of the Rainbow


United States
33° 40' 7.1364" N, 84° 7' 58.656" W

Tell me; do you know the colors of the rainbow?
Tell me; have you ever sat and watched all the people as they walk by?
When I look into the rainbow I do not see black, nor white.
I see a multitude of colors. Colors that have all been put into place by the good Lord himself to be seen with our eyes.
The rainbow is not treated any type of way.
The rainbow sits, gentle. No discrimination upon it.
Who would attempt to change the colors of the rainbow?
I know that as a people, a black people, we have been discriminated against.
But in the end, blacks nor whites are in the rainbow; the rainbow of life.
So why not just enjoy life's beauty; instead of wondering about the colors.
The colors of the rainbow.

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