She is my queen and I'm her king
And she got on tht ring
We gonna walk and sing
Yea our love stings

Yea we are going to win
We are going to get it in
We will do our thing
No matter what life brings

Yea im in love
She is my white dove
With her my heart skips a beat
She takes me off my feet

My life will never be the same
True love is what I claim
Our arms locked
And we gonna flock

Keep going until time stops
Till we reach the top
Yea our love is hot
But it never pops

With her I can do anything
Happiness is what she brings
She makes my heart sing
She treats me like a king

Our story is a marathon
That runs on and on
Till we reach home
Together where we belong

Our feelings go ablaze
We light up the whole place
She left me in a daze
I was amazed

She is what I crave
Every single day
Just to see her smile
I would run for miles

I could point her out in any crowd
Even when its loud
Every day I try to make her proud
Lets turn that frown into a smile

She is the fuel in my tank
And we just left the bank
Man she is so coo
Yea she is my boo

And I'm her dude
And we gonna cruise
Till we reach the dock
And punch in the clock

She makes my stomach do flips
With her really sweet lips
And nice hips
Man she doesn't quit

We in this together
Its gonna be forever
We going to run in any weather
Us birds of a feather
Flocks together

I think about her all the time
She is so fine
Im glad she is mine
Yea she Is my dime

She fills my brain
Makes me go insane
She really changed the game
Put us in the hall of fame

She is my world
She made me do some twirls
Thts my Babygirl
And together we gonna conquer the world

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