Corruption Shall Fall


As a bisexual young woman my voice is often unheard, lost in all the chaos in an already cluttered world. Cluttered by the words of self-righteous men who believe that only what they say matters in our society. Given the chance to be a noteworthy politician I believe I could change their limited views. Forcefully removing the horse blinders many politicians of today seem to be wearing and making them see the poverty, death, disease and struggling in their own country could spur a revolution. Stand up for those who are unable, speak for those who cannot. Fight for those too peaceful or scared to do so themselves. Make our government see that we are NOT based off religion. We are based off of trust, happiness, unity and love. Dictating who can and cannot marry, putting up roadblocks to make the path harder for women in the legal field, ignoring our dying and starving. Those are the bits of corruption that will inevitably tear down our political structure. I seek to shine a light on the truth and bring corruption to its’ knees.


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