The Cycle

The bruises are okay-they heal,

Your words are a million glass shards,

Your voice becoming all I hear,

Nothing is all I feel,

Nothing is all I think,

And in this nothingness-pain.

Love gets rejected-the pain I’m used to,

The pain becomes my home,

A home that falls, rots, consuming me,


Before I become the lies!

Before I lose myself!

This is not who I am!

In the dark,

Dying- fighting,

Only breathing for a moment,

Waiting it should end soon.

I just need the words of friends,

One save heaven a resting place,

But how,

How do I love if pain is all I know?

How do I love you, if I can’t love myself?

Is this the effect of your words?

Words brought the death,

Now I look for words to bring life.

But is it too late,

I am looking finding no rest,

I will only have my peace to end you,

This is it the cycle of hate,

And I don’t care,

I have become my enemy.


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