Damp Cloud

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 18:26 -- jess30

Most of us dwell on the "I remember", remember is probably the most if not painful bear of arm oneself has. It is the coffin in where your mind lies, drifts, and remains. Constant questioning slowly becomes desparity. Wishing for a previous button where I could press and relieve distress. But it seems to stir and fry my brains. I did my best, no instead I gripped the only fist thy never flipped on me. Thoughts never convey unless they trigger a destined emotion. Once it activates it drives you back down to memory lane, drive you insane, realize everything you have done was in vain. It devours the bit of serenity. Changes your whole perspective on what and what shouldn't be thought. It arouses immense uncertainty. Yourself is far from your shoulders, your insides are altered by what we call a damp cloud. Bet you didn't know I sensed you and finally escaped you.

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