Dear Daddy

Dear dad“So don’t be afraid to face the world against all odds” ~ Yolanda AdamsYou drilled that line in my head Not understanding that ,that was something too hard for you to live byI knew you were struggling I knew you had a bug in you that you had to feed I knew you tried your hardest to be the best man that you could beAnd I knew you were running away from reality but at the time I just didn't understand. I didn't understand why you chose that poison over mewhy the drugs wouldn’t leaveWhy we were always in needAnd to be honest I didn't want to understand because in my mind no reason would have been a good enough reason for meI wanted your love , your hugs , and your sober mind But all you kept giving was drowsiness, stolen things ,and hospital trips I hated you back thenThe way your speech would get slowAnd your eyes were always lowAnd how i had to beg you to pick your head up off the floorbut it took me awhile to realize that that was the time I should have given you all my loveI know that you needed it You were hurting and all I kept doing was bringing you down Pushing so much hatred on youI knew that was the source of your frownBut it didn't matter to me Because as the drugs started WorkingYou began not to feelA thing And the more numb you got The more pain I felt You ran away from life While I ran away from you But as much as I am sorry I am grateful You gave me an example Of what path not to takeYou showed me would life would be Like if I choose that poisonAnd I know for a fact that’s not the roadI want to take Thank youI hope one day you can Forgive me You're only daughter  Sincerely, Daddy's little girl    

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My family