Dear [Insert Your Name Here],

If you ever get a chance to read this

You know who you are

This is not a letter to express my hatred for you

Just mere closure


I put you on

You let me down

Always wanted everybody to be happy

Except yourself

You thought I wanted to isolate you from the world

You were wrong; I just wanted to isolate you from the things that kept you down

Don’t you ever forget I put you on

And you consistently let me down

That’s why I had to put “Us” down

Cause I lost myself trying to keep you up

And for some reason I feel like you don’t appreciate anything I did for you

Cause the last time we spoke you basically told me you didn’t care if I killed myself

And that’s low

Especially coming from you

Especially when a girl makes a mixed emotions post about men and you leave a comment

saying “if only she had a guy like you”

I was sick of your lies

Sick of the countless times I cried my eyes out over you

You said I was difficult

But I’d rather be difficult than abuse the girl that I called my world

I remember in tenth grade a girl told me I could do better than you

I didn’t want to believe it

But I now know that was the truth

We both know I tried with you

At one point in time, it was my desire to spend the rest of my life with you

But that was the past

And I know a lot of people thought we would last

But their view of us was most definitely misconstrued


I’ll be the first to admit that things weren’t always bad

Our downs weren’t always because of you

I wish we would’ve ended on a good note

And I know when you asked if we could be friends

I said “no”

You were my first love

To get over you

I had let you go

If you ever get a chance to read this,

You know who I am

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