Dear Life

Dear Life,

I never know what lessons you withhold,

But I was always taught to face you and be bold.

Your essence is a gift from a powerful entity.

Who bestowed you with the trust to discover my true identity.

The simple things you give me I take for granted; Not knowing how much they really mean,

But still you are willing to teach me what it is like to have hopes and dreams.

You challenge me to surpass my greatest constraints, And never quit even though you can become hard for us sustain.

I always wonder to myself;  Why do we only get one of you?

Is it because we only have one chance to prove ourselves worthy of something greater?; Or is it just a test?

Nevertheless, I realise that having you shows me that I am blessed. I will embrace the experiences you give to enlighten me, but I will never allow them to frighten me.


Yours Truly, Demarius Daniel


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