Dear Love of My Life

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 10:28 -- Rhondeb

Dear Love of My Life,

In your arms I find comfort.
In your face there is rest.
In your eyes I glimpse a future,
One that endures the burden bestowed upon it by time.

Through good times and bad, we stand firm like an oak with deep roots.
Your comfort my charge and mine yours.
I am the one who will wipe those tears away when you're having a horrid day,
The one who will soothe the doubts of insecurity.
For you are the love of my life.

Our hearts beating to the same melody.
Though you anger me at times and I you,
I would never change a thing.
I cannot imagine a day that I will not love you,
Nor can I imagine anything I would not do for you.

For you are the love of my life.
I offer you my devotion everlasting.
My oath clad in iron,
For to lose you is like losing an arm.
I may learn to live without you, but the agony of being incomplete will always linger.

With all the love imaginable,
A love-strucken fool

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My family
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