defining love


United States
33° 49' 23.52" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

you and go quietly like soft winds on a summer night

you can make me as red as as lucious blood

yet as blue as the vast oceans

you are as hot as the fierce fire burning everything in its way

and as cold as the winter weather

you make me blind yet open my eyes

others say you are true while some say you are fake

you make me smile as big as the sun

yet you hurt me like a thousands knives piercing through

you either last or you don't

depending on people's emotions

when you walk into the room

everyone smiles and welcomes you

when you walk out

everyone's tears fall

people often underestimate you

while others cherish you 

with you around the world is covered in happiness

when you are gone the world tuns into vast oceans

you are perfect in everyway yet also imperfect in many ways

you are infinity yet confined

without you, the world would become chaotic

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