Did Not Like Who I Was, So I Love What I Became

Who am I...

Well for starters, I am...



Now I, for one, absolutely love

Expanding my vocabulary as much as I can,

But if I had to pick one word

Just one word that sums me up,

It would be quite a simple one.

It would be...



I have stared in the face of my inner demon countless times,

Wrestling with all the self-loathing and apprehensions

That kept me from living...and yet here I stand.

You could also say that I had this "grand epiphany"

Through my own view of my imperfections

A my almost non-existant sense of worth.

I love who I am now.

Nothing in this foreseeable universe can change that.

I grew from those seeds of hatred I planted;

I learned...

To love myself,

To not be scared of others' opinion,

To not take worthless words to the grave.


I could no longer stand who I was, so...

I love what I became.

I finally value myself as someone

Worthy of happiness.

I finally am...


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