Disappearing beauty of the night

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 00:16 -- EML9061

I still remember the stars

that filled the sky

Their glorious light illuminated my dreams


now the stars have disappeared in the cold night

drawing me into the darkness

The light of the stars disappeared without a trace of time,

now they are hidden by the pollution

swallowed whole by the polluted air

in the hands of machines,

the city light has destroyed them

the world has forgotten them

Now the stars are unknown to our generation

Society tells us that everything will be okay


don’t blind yourself with those pretty lies

I still look for them

up in the sky

high above the city lights

but there's no sign of them

they were murdered by the city lights

they are in my dreams as a reminder of what once were

no words can express the fear of never knowing if one day I will see them

crying like an angel with tears made out of glass

leading no trail b






Generations are forgetting the wonders of the universe


The beauty of the night stars

Are being poison in the blue light

And I can’t do nothing

I just see how the world destroys my light of night

I will still remember the stars.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Dandre Hernaquez

Nice poem, I appreciate someone writing about the disappearence of the clarity of the night sky, a source of utility and wonder for many generations of humans, and possibly other animals. I myself am not too worried about the light pollution since I see it as confrontable with the tools of science and engineering.