discrimination comes to all

Discrimination comes to all.

Are you different because you don't look and act like them? Or are they different because they don't look and act like you? Who decides what it is to be different? Who decides what it takes to be the same? To judge based on our similar differences is like taking a measure on a broken heart, who decides when the scale breaks, who decides when it stops? A broken heart is a broken heart it's cruelty to take a measure.
I'm sick and tired of people treating each-other and judging one another based on our differences.
Because I am white I could never know the pain and suffering the blacks faced, the bravery of those whom felt un welcomed and alone like an immigrant, like a slave. Because I am straight I will never be fucked to the fullest success, I will never experience being fucked right. Because I am different I am wrong!

Don't tell me I don't know pain, don't tell me I haven't suffered, I've felt it all on different levels, I have been a victim of racism, violation, bullying, discrimination, and I know what it's like to walk in a line of unrecognizable faces!.. Don't tell me I'm not brave, I have accepted myself on every level and that to me is the bravest thing I could do, I have pushed myself and I have survived when I was barely alive, so don't tell me I don't know bravery.

Don't tell me I will never be fucked right because I fell in love with a man. Because I am straight I am doing it wrong! When there is love there is no wrong way.
You claimed to be a victim of discrimination, you fought so hard for it to stop to be accepted for who you are, but once you found others whom supported you, you turned to discriminating. now you are accepted you have made a safe little community of others "like you", and turn to me seeing nothing but difference. You discriminate others that are not like you because you were discriminated. Can't we all just be who we chose to be?
We are all simply human, we all love, we all laugh and we all live to the fullest extent WE let ourselves embrace.
I don't see colour, I don't see size, I don't measure the different pain in each others eyes, I see human. I see people who will make mistakes and learn, I see people who are capable of murder and I see people who are capable of love. I see people who are confused and I see people who don't get right from wrong, good from bad and past from future. But Because I am different, I will know the difference!
Discrimination comes to all.


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