Dreamers Don't Die


Weave a web,

build a nest

take the time,

and let your head rest

let the thoughts go,

let the dreams shine

the ideas get bigger and better

through time,

build houses taller than the skies

fly higher than ever

ground isnt even in sight

here i have control

here i am me

here is a place

that only a therapist could see,

crazy you say?

realistic i say

i dont see the wrong,

in living the life i want

i go from place to place

and do what needs to be done

but my dreams are the place

where i can truly run

leap between buildings

soar above the clouds

its a shame you cant see me

if only there was a way how

awake in the night

i scrawl the memories down

of the life i want to create

if only there was a way how

they tell you to follow your dreams

but no one tells you how

so i guess im stuck between

reality and sleep

which is better?

Fall asleep and you’ll see


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