I’d like to, one day, be able to call myself an expert car restorationist. Being able to work, wrench, and drive an amazing variety of cars is a passion of mine. Becoming a car restorationist is not an easy job to get, most of the time car restorationists have their own restoring business because there are no major corporations which do so.

Educationally you would probably want to major in mechanics and have a good amount of firsthand experience doing mechanical work especially on cars. A major though is not always required if you have a top notch crew with you of devoted car experts.

Some problems that may be in the way of me becoming a restorer of cars would be the fact that I don’t have any line of clientele to sell restored cars to make profit from, I also don’t have any income to buy a beatdown car to restore in the first place, plus I don’t have a crew of mechanics with me to restore cars nor a warehouse filled with tools and parts for practically everything you would ever need.

I would need great financial support to obtain my dream job, yet this scholarship may be a key to the many doors I must go through on my path of earning my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and than start from there. I have support from my family no matter what I do, but my dad was a mechanic in his younger years and can teach me a lot of the little fixes like brake jobs and oil changes which would need to be performed in a restoration.



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