Education Empowerment


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Empower the powerless.

Give voice to the voiceless.

Let me live as I die with a whisper or a shout, preclaiming that the knowlege should be let out-

Free. To roam and to dance. To give and inspire. Free the tool that lets us stand up straight and proud.


Education empowers. A lesson discovered when a floppy disc covered my final high school paper waiting on my desk to be delivered.

The floppy disc a joke about my old brain that wasn't meant for education from a boy who said he loved my dumb blonde aviation.

So flighty and so cute he often declared, I flew above the rest with my lighthearted air. This final paper sitting on my desk was the proof to attest that he was wrong. Threw the disc away. The paper I wisked away. Turned in an award winning, heart spinning masterpiece.

College in my future, that boy in my past, I'm ready to create a future that will last.

No ryhme scheme can hold me. I'm empowered now don't you see? I'm the first female to graduate on my family tree.

Watch out. Be wary, I'll be powerful and heard. College is going to save this meek little bird.


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