Empty Yet Whole



- You're cold, stone-hearted... Void of feelings!

- Yes, that's me.

  That's who I grew up to be. 

His eyes are transfixed upon mine,

Killing me slowly...How divine.


A restless soul, that's what you are! -

His voice still echoes from afar. -

- You never settle, always floating!

 These crazy dreams you are devoting

 So much of time...attention to. 

 What else you need? - I've got no clue. 


- But aren't you happy? Tell me why

  Our connection's gone awry?

  Do you not care anymore?

- I do! ... I don't... Not like before.


He stiffens. I don't dare to breathe.

I might just faint now if he leaves.

So many words are left unspoken -

How do I tell him that I'm broken?

I need some fixing, mending...God!

I need at least some time apart!


- I should've known my heard'd get hurt...

  Thrown into trash as if scrubbed dirt. 

- I don't want to discuss the matter...

- Why would we? Let's avoid the clatter.


He shrugs nonchalantly, looks up. 

He's so on ease - a cover up...

Sarcasm is dripping from his mouth...

His words now North when once were South.


- Let's just pretend we never were.

  It'll save us heartbreak - that's for sure.

- Why are you hurting me? - I plead. 

My heart has just begun to bleed.

- Me? Hurting you? Wake up at once!

In rage and anger he now grunts. 


Forever etched inside my brain

Our conversation under rain.

But what a bliss it was to know

That someone cared enough to show

His disappointment and confusion -

Through hurtful words, maybe, but still -

At least he wasn't an illusion,

An empty space he tried to fill. 


- Will it be easy to pretend? 

He blinked, startled at the question. 

- ... It will amount to being dead...

Or at least a long-lasting depression...


His eyes are transfixed upon mine,

Killing me slowly... How divine...

What bliss and wreakage it all brings - 

To feel like paupers, yet still kings!

This poem is about: 
Our world