Excuse My Rights Part 2

Surrounded by a novel immorality
sometimes I feel as if I’m living as a casualty.
Merely just another being on this earth
know there’s more to my life than what I think it’s really worth.
Fox news would definitely have me shook
the blocks of reporting is enough to get you hook.
I wonder if their portrayal is just like a show or an act
Because I don’t see how you could be sane and not react.
No lies just facts now tell me your max
Because I’m really starting to get to my pressure point but with my family I made a pack.
More than my immediate and serves a greater purpose
For me I don’t live I guess that’s why I’m always working.
If you looking for something more than what I possess
I ain’t gonna stress we just ain’t gonna connect.
Better get your respect before they confiscate that too
it seems like whatever happens with the outcome it’s always a lose lose.

This poem is about: 
My community


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