Tue, 11/18/2014 - 17:11 -- d_zapps


They control my life,

they control everyone's lives.

'Do better' they order.

Nothing is ever good enough.

My grades, my sports skills, my appearance...

When I succeed, the results aren't good enough.

They fall short of expectations.



They rule my life,

they rule everyone's lives.

'Improve' they hiss.

I haven't grown enough.

Not as a student, as an athlete, as a person...

My achievements aren't commendable enough.


Only ten-years-old,

The 2006 state gymnastics champion.

This means I'm the best,

but I'm not.

I'm the weakest on the team,

too scared to try new tricks,

terrified of attention.

Spectators watch me with awe.

They think I'm number one,

but I'm not.



They consume my life,

they consume everyone's lives.

'You can't win' they declare.

I'm not perfect enough.

In school, on the court, in life...

I haven't excelled enough.


Six years later, expectations have

never been higher.

Life is a constant struggle.

I work myself to my breaking point,

until my best efforts are out for everyone to see.


People may like it, they might even love it,

but my expectations do not.

'That's the best you can do?' they sneer.

My smile falters, the self-doubt floods my thoughts.






Failure is around every corner.



They dominate my life,

they dominate everyone's lives.

They shove us down.

They laugh at us.


We cannot let them win.

We must fight back,

and believe in ourselves.


I command my life,

everyone commands theirs.





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