eXplosion of inner conFidence

There is an awesome part of life called acceptance

When I finally stepped in the cloud of dreams

I floated away in my ambition to succeed 

You see...this is my eXplosion of inner conFidence

The two letters are capitalized to echoe an inner sound

Where I X out the pain where it marks it's exit

And I shout Forget the pain and worrys to commence my common sense

Without a doubt I fell over the insecurities that breached within me 

 Even though the melancholy mirrored my emotions constantly

I have shattered the ugliness and created a flawess epitome 

What makes me strut my confidence is the gifts I received

Waving my blossomed inner me with a smile of grace

A joy of my writing, dancing, and innovative tongue to finish the race

My skin glows piercingly like the burning of the sun 

Slowly I prowl my way through the crowd of deception

Like a tigeress in a jungle as fierce as fire and striking like a match

What makes me phenomenally me is my consistent creativity

The eXplosion of inner conFidence banished the negativity 

Sullenly I walked through the flaws in the sinister wilderness

Until I finally came to the a blinding light towards self righteousness

I found the joy that was stranded in a bottomless pitt of fear

I am not afraid to move forward any longer

The eXplosion of inner conFidence persuaded the joy further





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