Expression in Spite of Repression


The monster used to share my bed

Now he lurks near my only exit

Threatening to take everything away

He breaths smoke languidly

His tiger eyes burn with rage

He wallows in filth along with a small boy who is blinded with childish greed

He is an addiction

At first there is withdrawal

Pain and torrid agony

The feeling of loss

An insatiable hunger

The desire to run and break free

And risk a confrontation with the beast

My thoughts swarm like locust

Leaving a path of destruction in their wake

Until there is nothing, save emptiness

Liquor fills the void

But the glass always runs dry

The thoughts come back

Threatening to destroy everything

This time I rebel

The thoughts hit paper

They lose their power

The swarm falls from the sky

The thoughts die out like a fickle flame

The smoke clears

The boy is no longer blinded by the haze

And there is no longer a monster in way


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